Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts with the design of website and continues as long as the site is open. After optimization is executed for your Search Engine, your website will begin to appear on top pages. In this way, you will take part on the upper arrays on the major search engines such as  google, yahoo, bing and yandex. 

Main Transactions to Do 

  • Your website will be registered on the local and foreign search engines. 
  • Your websites will be registered on the sites whose page-rank is high. 
  • We will increase your link popularity by getting more links and by making more in-site linking.
  • The most suitable meta tag arrangement for your website will be provided.
  • As the first 3-5 lines on your home page is quite significant for the search engine, the page arrangement will be made accordingly.  
  • If required, key words will be used in your page names.
  • Your keywords will take part in the names and bottom-tags of your photos within the page.
  • If required, the links within the page will be arranged. 

So, you will be advertised without paying much money. 

You can investigate the Google SEO works up to now. 

Seo Packages