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    Medical Park İzmir Hospital

    11 Temmuz 2018 15:46
    Medical Park İzmir Hospital
    Welcome to Izmir University Medical Center
    Spread out over 46,000 m2, Izmir University Medical Center has a total bed capacity of 244, of which 10 are specially allocated for disabled patients. There are a total of 78 Intensive Care beds of which 29 are for internal-surgery intensive care, 7 CVS for Intensive Care, 7 for Coronary Intensive Care, and 35 for incubator neonatal intensive care.  Izmir University Medical Center contains 7 general surgery rooms, 2 cardiovascular surgery rooms, 4 labour rooms and an ophthalmology intervention room.
    The hospital has 14 emergency unit beds of which 9 are for monitoring adults and 5 for children. Once fully operational the hospital will not only contain all departments expected of a fully equipped healthcare institution, it will also be the largest private hospital in the Aegean region.